Bandai 1/144 30MM bEXM-15 Portanova

I think Bandai came up with a great idea since kit bashing is starting to be more popular following 3 series of Build Divers and most modern gunpla kits have interchangeable parts and accessories.

I bought my Portanova from Check them out!

I often visit Mecha Gaikotsu Youtube channel for his witty review. Check out his review on Portanova!

All 30MM kits comes in different colour scheme, I guess that don’t really matters if you are painting them.

The kit has good articulation and I think they are basically designed to be played and handled like an ‘Action Figure’.

I bought a red version thinking of doing a ‘Johnny Ridden’ scheme; especially the mono-eye face reminded my of a Zaku.

I can’t complain about this kit. The parts separation is great for a good custom colour scheme.

Great pose and articulation, I started a comic strip and I planned to use my gunpla as characters hence a kit that is able to pose is essential.

I am also into kit bashing hence I was keen to test out Bandai new weapons packs and accessories. So I thought why not tested it on these 30MM kits.

Would I recommend this kit?

I don’t dislike it, and I have nothing bad to say about the quality and playability of this completed kit.

I just can’t really get into the back story and the head unit just looks slightly off for me. I did buy other face packs, but just couldn’t get one that I like hence went back to the original design.

Would I get another similar?

No, not really. I aimed to get the Alto and I think there is a another design. But I don’t think I need another variant of Portanova.