HG RX-78 GP01Fb

When this was introduced as the upgraded version of GP01 in the anime I didn’t pay much attention since I wasn’t really interested in GP01.

It just okish, you got your math right this time and you have 2 bigger thrusters. BTW I do like carrots.

The kit is similar hard to find in HG, but Bandai has recently released a RG version.

I am not keen on RG just because it has lots of small parts and even with my small hands my eye are not as good as it used to be.

Similar to GP01, I do like the straight angular lines design.

Other than that, it is a straight forward build and as normal the colour separation is good and allows me to paint without any problem.

Don’t expect much articulation with these old kits. To be honest, this is much better than other HG kits of that time, but I don’t think they are designed to be played with.

Would I recommended this kit?

I would, just because I am trying to bring the family together.

The design is a classic icon for the Gundam series and as a collector this does looks good on the shelf.

Articulation again compared to his “siblings” are not great hence it is just standing on with a slight bent knee.