HG Gundam Barbatos

Iron Blooded Orphans brought me back into the Gunpla building. I have not actually watch any Gundam anime for 20 years,not because I have lost interest but just couldn’t find the time.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a nicely detailed “inner frame” for a HG which slightly worried me as I thought I have bitten more than I can chew.

Before I commit myself into buying a kit, I often watched ZakuAurelius Youtube channel to see what I am getting myself into.

Check out his OOB video at https://youtu.be/qI9TkgqUk6Y

To be honest, it is actually very straight forward built. The colour separation is great, I am able to spray paint the parts without masking if you are going for the box art.

I thought I would given myself a challenge and added more colour to a standard white gundam by using masking and metallic finish.

Rookie error is that I used a metallic base coat to try to achieve a sparkly pearly white, but instead I ended up with a thin layer of greyish off white. I ended up having to respray over several coats of whites.

The kit comes with a small forearm shield, a big mace and a katana, which I am not really care for.

Nice thing about modern kits is that the hardpoints for the backpack are compatible with most other kits and accessories that are sold separate.

I thought I am going to customise my Barbatos, but after finishing the initial paint scheme I just thought it look great own it own with a simple katana.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, this HG kit is not your normal UC HG. Mind you, you cannot compare this against a Tristan.

The parts separation is great for a HG, and it gives you lots of opportunity to customise and kit bash into something different; taking a page off the book of IBO, they did just that and came out with lots of variants.