HG AGX-04 Gerbera-Tetra

How do I start this? This design possibly is the one that started my younger days craze of gunpla building.

The curves and fluid lines of this mobile suit is almost the comparison between the French Rafale and Euro figher.

I believe there is a re-release of this kit, because the parts and assembly is very different from the first kit I build about 20 years ago.

Saying that, it is still not a kit readily available. But I am glad I found this.

I am going to be bias, this is my favourite design, if there is ever a real life Build Divers event, Gerbera-Tetra will my machine to use.

The articulation around the shoulder is poor due to the exhaust fins and huge should thrusters; but who need to move your arms when you have a beam machine gun and rapid movement due to the “GP04” frame inside (mind you there is no inner frame, this is only HG).

The backpack nicely curved into the body to provide that seamless design.

There are not much details and limited panel lining, but who cares, the profile is already impressive enough to be eye candy!

Would I recommend this kit?

I love this design so it is a yes!

But there are negatives, the curved plastic are mainly hollow, articulation around shoulders and elbow are not great.

The big beam machine gun does not really fits under the arm.

But if Bandai ever make an RG version I will get one, but in the mean time, “she” will stand nicely on my shelf.