HG RGM-79GS ‘GM Command Space’

This is my first model that restarted my gunpla project in 2017. It is on Amazon for about £10 and I last check it is about £16ish.

To be honest, I have no idea what I am getting myself into. I just thought it is cheap and I used to built a few 1/100 MG back in 1990, but I don’t have lots of shelf space for MG now, so I thought HG should be fine.

To my surprise, the kit has relatively good parts separation for painting. Especially the vents along the shoulder. It is moulded on a different piece from the torso, that means I can paint it without the need of masking or using brushes.

Most of the other HG kits like the Alex and Custom RGM has the vents mould onto the torso. This makes painting difficult if you like the vents to be a different colour.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, for the price I think it is a good starter kit. It is simple to put together and it has good paint separation for customising.

It has an open left hand and good joint articulation to allow for numerous dynamic poses.

After this kit, I bought a few other variants of this model and I am quite happy with my RGM army.