HG Build Fighters GM/GM

I really like the classic/retro GM design. Although there are several variants of RGM throughout the anime; the original Red and White cannon fodder has remained unchanged.

When I saw this kit I knew I just have to get it. The original RGM-79 kit even thought is often around the £10; the mould has terrible parts separation and poor joint design. Hence this is a no-brainer.

Bought this on Amazon for about £16 with free postage from overseas. The current price is about £23; and it is quite difficult to find.

The kit comes with 3 head options; I have opted for the original head to preserve the GM feel.

To give it a it of love, I kit bashed a beam rifle from GP01 and it looks just right.

Articulation is good for lots of pose.

Part separation is also good for painting. The hard-points to allow customisation with Bandai’s weapons packs comes with covers to hide them when not in use.

I was two minded about which colour to use. The original anime shows the GM with a green tint body instead of white. But I decided on white because with a bit of test paint, the green tint looked strange on a modern design.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, I really enjoyed the modern re-imagination of the GM. Although this is not strictly a UC Mobile Suit, I don’t think the GM is given enough love.

The kit comes with other 3 different head options, I would most likely to get a 2nd kit to use the other GM head.

I might do a kit bashed to make a modern version of the Thunderbolt GM with lots of shields.