HG Gundam OO Sky (Riku’s Mobile Suit)

After watching the last episode of the Build Divers anime on Gundaminfo on YouTube, I just thought I need to get the 00 Sky to accompany my 00 Diver!
To be honest, it is not too much different to the 00 Diver, but this has a much more complex GN driver wings, and the infamous damage that is covered up by green transparent piece on the chest.
The parts separation is great, and I am able to paint the dark blue on the legs separately easily to help bring put the details.
Yukki also upgraded his mobile suit to Jegan Blast Master. I was inspired by the ECOAS military green instead of it’s original bright red and orange scheme. Please read my other completed projects to support me.
Another of my favourite Build Divers mobile suit is Captain Zeon V-Zeon Gundam. It is basically a HG RX-93 Nu Gundam beefed up in red colour. I have repainted in to bring it back to its former colour and kit bashed fin funnels and shield to make my own super modernised beefed up RX-93!
Please take a look at my Gundam 00 Diver page if you are interested in the previous design.