HG MSN-03 Jagd Doga (Quess Paraya use) (Part 1)

It is a tough choice between Quess or her “brother” Gyunei’s variant.

I prefer the Yellow/Teal colour of Gyunei’s because the bright colour will stand out when displayed with my other mobile suits.

I also prefer Gyunei’s commander head fin when compared to Quess’s stubby nub.

But I have decided to go for Quess’ because she has a more unique beam gatling gun.

Also because armourofgod.co.uk has one in stock on their website! Check them out!

Building this kit is quite straight forward.

I also removed the stubby nod and replaced with a Zaku 2 commander fin to give it the ‘Ace’ status.

The double beam saber is kit bashed from an old Gelgoog Figuration kit.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, the design it unique to the other mobile suits. I don’t think any design has the similar hawk face features.

It has good colour separation hence I don’t think I have done any masking for painting.