HG Barbatos Lupus

There are several variants of Barbatos in the anime, but this is probably my favourite “upgraded” apart from the base model

One of the main attraction for me is the add-on forearms cannons! Which comes from Option Set 5.

The kit itself is a standard IBO HG with a inner frame which has lots of details for cables and piston. These are one of the great thing about these kits which allows the builders to customise and paint.

Colours separation for the outer armour is great and allow easy painting.

I went for the dark iron/steel theme. I am glad it came out the way I envisioned.

Articulation for IBO is always much better than the standard HG kits. But the joints do become loose over time.

I tend to paint the ball joints and sockets, this helps with tightening up the joint and helps with posing.

I don’t really have much imagination with posing this kit, because the feet are almost like it is on high heels hence it is quite unstable.

And it does looks awkward if you spread the legs too far apart to stabilise the pose.

It is slightly taller than the original Barbatos, and since I have this standing side by side on the shelf, I just had him standing straight. Boring I know!

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, if you like to buy one Barbatos, I would recommend this model. This has a giant sword mace, and plus the Option Set 5; you have all the bits you need to complete a Barbatos.

I wasn’t initially going to buy this kit, but a seller on eBay had a damaged box for sale on cheap, hence I went for it.

I had no regrets, but I think after the original and Lupus, I don’t think I need another HG version of Barbatos.