HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal

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To be honest, I have not pay much attention to this design even though there are several Youtube channels giving this kit a positive review.
This HG kit is almost similar height to my RX-78-2 Origin kit. Please check out my other completed projects as well if you are interested. The details on AGE-1 cannot be compared to RX-78 Origin, but I still enjoy the simplicity of a quick weekend fun build with AGE-1.
I really enjoy building this kit, it is relatively simple, I would say if you can build a Leo or 30MM mission kit then this is slightly just a level above in terms of complexity.

The eagle eyes “among us” (Imposters), will probably notices that I have removed the backpack wings (spoiler). As an engineer, I just do not see the function of these little wings, and I was inspired to have a clean outline for my design. In addition, I have also opted using a shield from my GN-000 0 (which will be published soon), just because I wanted a smaller shield instead of the plain and big shield that comes with this kit. Otherwise, it wasn’t modified too heavily when compared to my other completed projects.

Parts separation to the head sculpt, waist armour and chest are great, the legs have angular edges thus make masking easy. The kit itself as a normal Gundam is mainly white heavy, hence I added a few additional grey accents to the legs to help bring out some details.