HG Jupitive Gundam

I did not really enjoy Build Diver Re:Rise; mainly because the mobile suit design is not much of a kit bash or re-imagination of the other classic design. Also there is not much of a backstory without the classic mobile suits.

However, the Core Gundam is a unique design and I appluad Bandai for its originality and design.

But I am intrigued because of the numerous potential customisation and from Bandai’s future release of accessories and packs.

If you too are on the fence about the Core Gundam and not sure which to start with, I would strongly in my own humble opinion is to start with the Jupitive Gundam.

Firstly, you get the most out of your money because it comes with lots of beam effect parts, and most importantly a few stands. The transparent blue stand if purchase on its own will cost about 25% of the kit price.

I bought my kit from https://armourofgod.co.uk/. Check them out for supplies updates and pre-orders.

If you are wondering, the Core Gundam is half the size of a normal HG RX-78. It is similar in height to a SD/CS RX-78 but mind you my SD has a CS frame installed, which gives it s slightly less “defromed” porportions.

To be honest, half way through the build I have lost interest in the Jupitive armour. Hence I just completed the Core and left the other bits in the box for rainy day project.

I was aiming for a G3 Gundam colour scheme, since I do not have this colour scheme in my collection yet. Also I was trying to plan ahead since I am more interested in future customisation, thus I am aiming for a more neutral colour scheme that may blend better with other kits.

To not make my Core Gundam too “naked”, I have built the back pack and added additional thrusters and fuel tanks from 30MM Option Backpack 2. I also throw in a F91 Beam Rifle to make it my own.

If you are interested in my F91 Gundam blog take a look at https://itisagunpla.com/hg-f91-gundam/

I think this is one on Bandai’s smart business move to expand slightly outside of Gundam line but yet retain some of the compatibility of the accessories for people like myself who are into kit bashing and customisation.

To be honest, the additional backpack and beam effects make the small Core Gundam back heavy, I struggle to make it stand own it own, hence the stand that comes with the kit has proved useful.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, if you are into future customisation and into swapping bits out all the time to make it look different.

I am warming up to it though, the Core Gundam on it own looks great. He look like a kid who can “punch” above his own weigh. Which is true in the anime.

I like the head sculpt, and it has that serious look; almost like saying I am small and cute but yet serious; don’t pat me!

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