Bandai 1/144 HG AMS-119 Geara Doga


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I was so impressed with the Jagd Doga that I also purchased the Geara Doga as well. The outline along with its huge shoulders give the mobile suit a menacing impression; and it does stands out on my shelf!
This is also quite large kit, almost similar size of the Jagd Doga. I know that the Sazabi is much bigger, and I hope one day I will own a Sazabi.
I really like this design and colour hence I did not modify the colour scheme too much but kept it grunt green. There are not much panel lining and details on this kit, but there are many large spaces which you can scribe if you like.
Weapons accessories are not too bad as well, it has the beam machine gun, some rockets, shield with flares, beam axe etc.
I do like the little details such as the piston and cables in the legs, cables showing at the knees and forearms.
I would recommend this kit to anyone who is interested in a massive grunt!