HG MS-06FZ Zaku 2 FZ

The MS-06FZ Zaku 2 Kai is one of several variants of the MS-06 Zaku II line of Mobile Suits (“Kai” is a Japanese word used to designated as improved, modified/altered from the original). It was first seen featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket and was piloted by Bernard Wiseman.

Where Bernard Wiseman (a rookie pilot) effectively used his damaged Zaku 2 to critically damage the new prototype RX-78NT-1 Gundam “Alex” at the cost of his own life.

The most significant modification from a normal Zaku 2 was to the cockpit in the FZ, which is said to have been so good that even new recruits with insufficient training could handle it. In addition, the apogee motors in various parts of the fuselage and the thrusters in the backpack were increased and made larger, and the total thrust was increased by 70 percent compared to the previous F-Type model. See my other Char’s Zaku 2 project.

The armour has also been considerably strengthened and the armament has been redesigned, so it does not lag behind the Federation’s RGM-79 GM and has achieved considerable high performance. It also had the option of two different “helmet” designs. The “A-Type” helmet, which was the more common design, was similar to the typical helmet of the Zaku II series. The “B-Type” helmet was modelled after the Stahlhelm helmet used by the German army in World War II.

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The High Grade MS-06FZ Zaku 2 is a Bandai 1/144 scale kit released in mid-May 2008. It is a relatively old kit but utilises a moving joint at the hip to allow it to pose with a sitting action as featured in the anime.


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However this Zaku 2 is love at first sight truly; I am not just talking about the synopsis of a typical tragic impossible Japanese’s love story of “War in a Pocket”.

Although it is not shown in the anime or in the box cover, this Zaku 2 FZ kit comes with the alternate “B-Type” helmet (which I really like).

This kit comes with 2 helmet design, you can choose either a traditional Zaku 2 head or the WW2 Stahlhelm helmet design.

Of all the Zaku design, this is my favourite! I am really attached to the Stahlhelm helmet design, maybe it is just past my military experience.

The body sculpt also gives is a more masculine profile compared to the normal design. This really gives the FZ a more imposing feel and vibe.

Have a look at my other Zaku 2 blog for comparison.

This kit is released in 2008 hence it does not comes with any other accessories or other weapons compared to other newer Zaku 2 kits such as the Origin series.

The articulation is ok, but it has a gimmick that allows it to move the hip joint forward to allow it to sit down in a relax pose just like in the anime.

Parts separation is actually quite good. There is practically no need to do any masking if you are justing aiming for box art accuracy, but as normal I love to tweak the design a bit. Hence I have to do some hand painting and masking to bring out additional details.

To be honest, I love this kit so much that I have 2 and painted one dark grey and the other Zaku green to create my our “Storm-trooper” squad.

You can’t have a Zaku 2 FZ without its counterpart Kampfer.
The tragic love story between a Gundam and Zaku! A friend has reminded me that this is possibly the only known Zaku 2 that has “defeated” a Gundam!

I do love working on a Zaku, it is almost like you can blitz the build without much care, if you made an accidental nick in the plastic, it is a battle scar!

If your paint finish is not perfect and has different shades, it is just replacement parts from battle repairs!

You can never go wrong building a Zaku, it is like a rite of passage into gunpla; you must as least do a zaku if you are going to call yourself a gunpla fanatic!

I just love how the Zaku green blends into the surrounding. And it is almost like the Zaku will look good in also sort of military inspired colour scheme; just don’t paint it Gundam blue and white!

How is this kit compares to the newer Origin kit?

If you want details such as panel lines, articulations etc I will say go for the Origins, Bandai has really taken the HG line to a new level with the Origin lines.

But this is the only HG version of the FZ unless you are interested in the RE line.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes! Buy 2 or more to make a squad of cannon fodders! You can’t have too many Zakus!

As you can see I am “slightly” bias over this kit because this is my favourite design and I really enjoyed building and painting this kit.

Also a Zaku is so forgiving especially if you make a mistake; it is just battle damage!

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