HG GMIII Beam Master (Part 1)

Build Divers kits are often a mixed bag of older HG kits and modern add-on parts or accessories. The Beam Master is basically a GMIII but with and new head and weapons. It is also known as the Orange Cheddar.

I bought this kit from armourofgod.co.uk. They are a UK based gunpla store, I tend to get my kits relatively quickly when compared to other sellers.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, if you look beyond the orange and over-sized gun! It is relatively an easy kit to put together and I especially like the idea that you have several options within the same kit to customise into a different model instead of following the box art.

I originally wasn’t too keen on the orange, and been testing with different colour scheme.

Finally, in the spirit of build divers, I decided to kit bash the Beam Master into a re-imagination of a RGM-109 Heavy-Gun from F91.

I tend to air brush my kits using a mixture of Tamiya or Vallejo acrylic paints.

I went with a old creamy white scheme because that is how I remembered Heavy-Gun as a kid watching the anime from a VCD!

I also used the rifle from Gun Cannon II and shield is from GM Sniper.

Although the Beam Master is designed to use the GMIII backpack but the backpack from Hazel Gundam has a closer similarity to the Heavy-Gun.

The Beam Master has a new modernised leg thruster which is moulded in 2 pieces. The part separation allow for easier painting in different colours.

The kit comes with the original GMIII leg thrusters which are moulded as a single piece thus it is no-brainer not to use the modernised design.