HG F91 Gundam (Part 2)

This is actually my 4th F91! I saw it Galactic Toys and thought why not? I am not sure why but I think there is something about the F91 design that keeps drawing me to it. It is not the humanoid face, trust me!

I started with a brilliant idea that I could painted this in the dark blue harrison colour, since the HG kit for the Harrison is so difficult to find.

Boy! The painting process was terrible, the shade of blue was so difficult to mix, it is either too dark, too light and. Bit of Goldilocks moment! I finally gave up and it ended up with some gross glossy royal blue!

The humanoid face! It is a love and hate thing, and I hated it! But deep down I just wanted a kit with this design. Looking at the photo, I knew the finish is too glossy, I should have used a flat varnish, it would probably turn out slightly better.
Anyway, I tried to cover up my errors with some paint chipping and weathering, but sigh! It was a bit too much and hence it started to look like a botch job!
The yellow accent was also quite difficult, it takes a lot of effort masking small areas and often stress over paint bleeds. But fortunately most of the masking stayed on and I don’t have much of a clean up to do.