SD CS Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex

The Lupus Rex, yes it should be consider the King of all Barbatos. It fought valiantly till the end for his friends to get away safely and it drew its last breath.

I wasn’t keen on the “mutated” mech design, but I am intrigued and kudos to Bandai to come up with this unique combination.

But when I saw that Bandai released a SD/CS version I was very tempted. To be honest, I was never keen on goggly eyed cutesy big headed mobile suit, but the CS version extended the limbs which gave the mobile suit a slightly more “proportional” profile.

Armourofgod has this in stock and hence I thought it would be a good to finish my Barbatos collection with a twist.

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I have completed 2 HG Barbatos, the original in white and the Lupus in dark silver, so I thought the Rex has to be the colour of a King – GOLD Fingers!

I am not too keen on a full gold “plated” bling! So I was looking at other gold gundams and the Phenex came up!

Thus, you can say I was slightly inspired by Phenex gold and fluorescent blue scheme.

Through out the paint process I was really unconvinced about my colour choice hence I have to dull down the gold by using a matt finish.

The parts and colour separation for the SD kits are marvellous. They are much better than typical HG kits apart from some IBO range.

But I did a lot more masking to help bring out some details.

I have to paint the eyes blue as well to match Phenex.
My first thought was “Gods of Egypt” and what have I done! But this little bling is growing on me.

Would I recommend this kit?

To buy or not to buy? It is not question. This kit is fun and unique. If you have not jumped on the bandwagon of SD, please get this CS kit.

This kit comes with the CS frame thus you have an option to built the “cute” SD or like me a younger version of the HG kit.

I think I will name this little chipmunk my “Barbatos Lupus PheRex”!

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