Bandai 1/144 HG GNR-101A GN Archer

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Why the GN Archer?

To be honest, the kit is not overwhelmingly special, just a normal HG kit that transform into a “flight mode”.

It is not a Macross Valkyrie for sure and it will never be, but it has a feminine mobile suit design, which will add variety to my collection.

I bought this kit on eBay from galatictoysusa_dutiespaid.

It is a straight forward build. Simple colour separation because there is nothing much to it.

However, the pinkish chest centre piece is a foil sticker; so if you do not want to use a sticker, you will need to mask it for painting. It is a PAIN!

The elbow also wasn’t one of Bandai’s best work! It is a thin plastic that holds 2 polycap joints.

A bit of a bend to strike a pose the plastic will be stressed and break. Good thing I have superglue.

I really enjoyed the more slender feminine design. I have also trimmed the leg fins to enhance it slim profile.

I don’ t think I am planning to transform her “ever”!

I also gave it 2 smaller beam pistol instead of the original long beam rifles which just looked like plastic planks.

The pistols are kit bashed from GN-000 0 Gundam, I had 2 kits, thus 2 pistols for akimbo style!

I was inspired by Black Widow in Avengers on running 2 pistols.

I did not bother building the flight backpack. I don’t see the point since I have clipped the leg fins and the huge backpack is just going to block out the slim profile I am aiming for.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes and No!

Yes, if you like a different version of the normal male body profile mobile suit. I think the feminine style will contrast well in your collection.

I do enjoy the look of the mobile suit following my modification of clipping the leg fins and not using the backpack.

No, the elbow joints are weak and it will break if you play with it.

And if you are going to do what I did you need to make sure you have some confidence in removing large chunk of plastic and sanding it down to made good.