I already had a Leo which I had fun building. Hence I wasn’t really interested in getting this Leo NPD especially with that goofy head unit.

I have to blink twice to notice the other head unit lurking in the background; and I thought to myself that almost could be almost be a ‘Tallgeese’.

Hence, I started researching the different variants of Tallgeese and decided that the White and Black version is my favourite

Yes, I could paint the Leo white, but without a large backpack with 2 huge thrusters and a giant cannon strapped to the right shoulder it is not really a ‘Tallgeese’.

Luckily, Bandai did released a weapons and backpack that I can repurpose to create my re-imagination.

I present to you ‘Highduck’ it is a play of words but if you are from UK Midlands it meant “What’s up mate!”

It is not a difficult kit bash. I just need to super-glue the handle for the core unit from the original Leo to the NPD torso.

Super glue a 2mm peg onto the shoulder armour to support the cannon attachment.

The kit itself is easy and quick to put together and has good articulations.

Backpack is a straight forward, snap together and paint. Coincidently the fin sticking out at the backpack looks like a tail which helps with the image of my design as a duck tail (Boy, do you remember Disney Duck Tales?).

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the original Tallgeese design, I really dislike the centurion helmet design. But I am interested because it has a good backstory and was slightly disappointed the Bandai did not release a proper HG kit. I know there is a recent RG release but the head unit is putting me off getting it.

I grew up preferring the design of Leo and don’t care too much for the over the super overpowered Gundams and their pilots. Yes I am slightly strange like that.

Thus, I am really impressed that this kit bash really works out well.

One disastrous event was when I was testing fitting the backpack and one of the peg snapped. It is not a bad design but I think it is just possibly the plastic on the part did not bond properly. A little bit of glue tends to help.

‘Highduck’ on a bed of roses. It looks like a white knight returns from a glorious battle and rose petals are thrown at him to honour and celebrate his deeds.

Would I recommend this kit?

As a Leo NPD on it own, YES! The kits comes with original Leo parts, so you can decide to build a Leo or a choice of NPD with different head options.

The HG Leo kit is relatively inexpensive, but I don’t see it online recently so that price may have gone up due to availability.

The kit was designed by Bandai to help beginners getting into Gunpla. There was an interview of Gundaminfo channel on Youtube.

The joint design for the Leo and 30MM are similar, it is almost like the Leo was designed first to test out the assembly design for the 30MM series.