HG MSN-001A1 Delta Plus

To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on a “transforming” mobile suits, in terms of Gundam lore is not a true transformation but just a twist and turn and some anime magic to switch between a “wave-rider” (flight mode) and mobile suit.

The “true” transformation in my mind still belongs to Macross, and it is still one of my favourite anime when compared to some Gundam Seed and maybe marginal Endless Waltz.

However the Hyaku-Shiki is such a classic icon in Gundam lore, and it just has to be on the list of must-haves.

But in the backstory the Hyaku-Shiki; it was a failed prototype of a “transforming” mobile suit. But once the engineers got their design right they started mass producing Delta Plus.

So I thought that if I am to own a Delta Plus I have to paint it in Hyaku-Shiki gold to pay tribute to the original design. And also since Char once piloted the fame gold machine.

The kit itself is not bad especially this is essentially a modern version of the Zeta variant.

Parts separation is actually not bad on this kit, I do not have trouble painting it and I don’t even remember using any masking tape.

The shin/leg armour has exposed mechanical parts and pipes, which almost like the IBO kits has taken a page from this design.

I bought this kit mainly to be posed and hence I did not care too much about the transformation.

But articulation is fine, nothing to rave about since I wasn’t planning do any action pose on this.

Overall, I am very impressed on how the flat gold and metallic blue complimented each other very well. I coloured the pipes in dark red to help with some distraction to prevent it becoming a complete gold bling.

Would I recommend this kit?

Actually yes and some sort! If you are a fan of transforming Mobile suit then this is for you. But if you just like one model then I would recommend going for a Zeta Gundam.

I bought this because I wasn’t a fan of the HG Zeta design but I wanted a Hyaku-Shiki thus this is the closest re-imagination; saying that there is a mega Hyaku-Shiki from the Build Fighter range which I might consider later on.

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