HG F91 Gundam (Part 1)

I am always interested in the F91 Gundam because of its heavy engineered design and exposed internals such as the huge heat sink, and heat fins and the beam shield.

These are the days before Iron Blooded Orphans took my imagination to a whole new level of mech designs.

The backstory and anime makes you think about the reality of wars and struggles; these were clearly shown through how lives can be lost when you are hit in the head by an empty shell.

The F91 kit comes with 2 different face plate. One represent the iconic RX-78 and the other is more of a mechanical human.

My original intention was to have to 2 kits to show off the different face, but both ended up with the RX-78 face because I can’t seem to get used to the other face.

Colours and parts separation is good for the body. The only criticism is the beam cannon which masking is required. I can’t be bother to paint the blue stripes on my white F91.

The kit is relatively easy, but the assembly of the beam cannons to the side of the torso will need some getting use to. Please follow the instructions and the pegs are slightly tight but don’ force it to swivel.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, why not? The MS design is unique and it is 1 of 2 of the Gundam that is only equipped with a beam shield.

I really enjoy this design, and deep down, I wanted another model but only when I get better in building and painting.