HG GAT-04 Windam

Disclaimer: I am informed that mine blog http://www.itisagunpla.com could potentially be mistaken to be linked to a Youtube channel ItsAGunpla. This blog is not affiliated or claimed to be linked to the Youtube channel. If you like proper advise and resources please visit ItsAGunpla Youtube channel (its in the spelling). I really enjoyed his work, but if you just some watered down personal opinion please continue reading this tongue in cheek blog.

That aside, I did not watch Gundam Seed Destiny anime and did not have a clue about Windam until I saw it at www.armourofgod.co.uk.

This is a relatively easy kit and uses the same joint design as the OZ-06MS Leo and the Build Divers NPD Leo; please check out my other completed blogs.

Although Windam is aimed mainly for people new to gunpla; but it is not shabby in terms of parts separations and design.

You can see I went to town trying to paint all different parts in different colours (and with hindsight I should not)!

To be honest, what is a Windam went you only have 2 wings and a grunt face. So as usual, I present you the proper customised “Wing-Gundam”! To start off, I bought a box of 2nd hand bits on ebay and have no idea what parts I have, so I kit bashed the wings and head and used the backpack from my Strike Rogue.
I also used some beam effect shield from the box of bits. Funny thing is that I was later informed the parts I used were from Gundam Seed Destiny, which explains why the scale of different parts fitted so nicely to this Windam core.
Colour wise, I was initially inspired by RGZ-91B RE-GZ Custom. The custom Re-GZ is a P-Bandai kit, so I thought why not make my own, but regretted straight away when I painted the backpack purple!!
Do I like it? I am a bit on the fence about the colour scheme. If I have a chance to do it again, I might do it very different (maybe more traditional Gundam scheme). The red shoulder trim and the light blue and dark blue scheme makes this kit looks like a Gundam Space Police!
I enjoyed the creativity of the kit bash, I loved putting it together, but the colours are just a bit of an acquired taste which I still can’t get over it.
Thank you for reading and I hope you like my work! Please support this log y checking out my other works!