HG Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City

Firstly, this wasn’t on my top list of must have kits. I like the fat round edges of Gusion, hence after I completed my original Gusion I wasn’t thinking of any of the “Rebaked” variants.

Take a look at my Gusion’s blog here https://itisagunpla.com/hg-gusion-gundam/

I think this is the 2nd variant of the rebake and it comes with a giant scissors! I have no intention of building that goofy “weapon”.

I bought this because it was on a very good deal from https://galactictoys.com/. Check them out!

But boy! I was pleasant surprised, this is a good IBO kit, colours and parts separation are good, I am able to play with different colour scheme. But decided to keep it close to the desert sand theme, but giving it a bit of green to pay homage to the original Gusion.

I kit bashed this a kit with the gatling guns from Alex. If you like spare parts for kit bashing I recommend getting a Tristan. See my blog on Tristan here https://itisagunpla.com/hg-rx-78an-01-gundam-an-01-tristan/

I super glue the gatling guns into some plastic cannon or baton thingy; the large forearm guard going over the forearms nicely hides the modification.

I was in 2 minds about the other arms hidden in the backpack, I initially thinks it is a bit goofy, but after putting guns on it I think they are actually quite unique.

I enjoy building IBO kits, they have exposed pipes and pistons which makes them look very mechanical.

Would I recommend this kit?

From my initial turning my nose up and after building this! I say yes!

I can now proudly present to you my Double Baked Full English City Breakfast!

I really enjoyed this build but be warned the head unit is mainly comprised of stickers. If you do not want to use stickers you will have to hand paint the face in.

I did some hand painting to make it look okish!