HG GBN-Base Gundam

When I first saw this, I have to double back on the Build Diver series and I can’t recall seeing this in action.

But nonetheless, the other RX-78 I have on the shelf was the old revive version, and I was thinking it is time Bandai to start on a re-imagination of the classic bot.

The colour the kit is moulded in did put me off, but since I do paint my kit, I wasn’t too upset with the off putting colours, but I did hesitated a few years before getting my hands on it.

I bought this because the GM was a very good kit, please see the blog here https://itisagunpla.com/hg-build-fighters-gm-gm/

What really attracted me to this design is the V shaped body profile of the mid section; it is almost like RX-78 had been to the gym and worked out!

I do like the shape and the new profile, at certain angle it looks more like a combat machine.

The kit is simple to build. I can almost say this should be first RX-78 beginners should start with if they are into painting their kits.

The parts and colour separation are great, I can get the kit to look like the classic cartoon colours without hassle.

Also the articulation of this modern kit is great and you can do action pose without much restrictions.

Only negative for me is that they do not provide a proper beam rifle but some goofy looking gun. Thus I kit bashed the beam rifle from my GP01 Gundam.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes! If you are starting Gunpla and wanted to learn to paint your kit, I think this is the one for you. It is a good re-imagination of the RX-78.

It looks good at all angles, and poses well. However, since the Origin and Global RX-78 are released, I believed they are a much better design, but this is kit is fun and I think it is designed to be played with instead of pose.

But please repaint it, the moulded fluorescent yellow, red and blue is really strange, not sure what Bandai is thinking.

I actually prefer this design as an re-imagination of the RX-78 instead of the G40 version. I think this is a much closer tribute to the grand daddy of all Gundams. See my previous blog of RX-78 here https://itisagunpla.com/hg-rx-78-2-gundam/

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