HG Gusion Gundam


The Gusion! I really like the rounded corners design, almost similar to my favourite Gerbera-Tetra.

I was also pleasantly surprise when they revealed in the anime that there is a Gundam under the thick armour just like Gerbera!


I dare say that this one of the main reason why I got into IBO. The rounded stubby figure standout from the rest of the design.

But due to the bulk, the kit is mainly hollow plastic with simple joints. The articulation is limited due to the size of its limbs.

Standing is fine, but I found it slightly unstable because the huge calves preventing the legs to be positioned. And on the shelf it is dwarfed by the other MS. Hence I kept it on a stand.

The parts ad colour separation are great. I am able to paint without needed to mask. Details are also not too bad for panel lining.

I really enjoy building this kit. I think this can be classed as another beginner kit but with slightly more interesting parts compared to the Leo or Leo NPD.

The weapons is a big giant hammer and a sub-machine gun. Due to the size of the forearm, it is not really possible use a different gun unless it has a long grip.


YES! I like this design and it has a unique shape. I prefer this than its ‘rebaked’ version.

Actually while I was writing up this blog I just had an inspiration to get another Gusion and kit bashed with a set of giant hands to make it into a Gusion Rex! That might be an interesting mix.