HG Julieta’s Mobile Reginlaze

I had high expectation when I bought this kit. Firstly it is an upgrade of EB-06 Graze and it comes with lots of weapon and accessories.

One of the negative is that I don’t actually like the “Teal” green and white colour of the original design. I couldn’t really figured out how to mix the colours I already have to match.

Saying that since I tend to paint my kit, I am planning my Reginlaze to have a bit more military or mass produced colour. Hence I have gone for a muted green and yellow scheme.

Finally, I added a long barrel rifle from IBO Weapon Option Set 7; which is specifically designed for this kit along with a ammo box and belt.

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The other disappointment on this kit it that the ball joints are so loose; especially the hip joints. I tried using dry paint method, and it did work for a while, but after a few poses, the legs starts to spread under it own weight. The long barrel does comes in handy as a “stand” (maybe that is what Bandai have in mind all this time)!
Weapon Option Set 7 is quite a good pack, there are lots of useful accessories, I used the Vidar’s open hand on my Schwalbe Graze. The back and giant cannons are used in another kit bash. With regards to the loose hip joints, this pose with legs apart is “natural”, the legs are moving apart just so slightly during the photoshoot.