HG Victory Two Buster Gundam

Never had a chance to watch this anime series growing up. But I do like the design especially the big ‘V’.

Victory 2 Gundam is quite rare now online. But I think Bandai is releasing a new kit soon. Not sure if it will be a new mould or a re-release of this version.

This kit allows you to made either one of the 3 Victory 2 version. It is a gimmick and they are all relatively similar. I guess Bandai just like you to buy 3 of this kit.

Nonetheless, this kit in the full buster mode does take up space. Although it is barely able to stand on its own, using a stand is a better idea.

It is a shame that this kit does not comes with a beam shield like the anime.

Colour separation is good but just disappointed that the large thruster vents at the fins are modelled in one piece. I just can’t be bothered to mask.

I kind of regretted it now, so I might work on it again in the future.

I modified the beam rifle by shortening it to give it a more robust look. The original was too long and flimsy for my liking.

Articulation is not great either. With it been back heavy, it is difficult to get this kit to balance and stand on its own.

The big shoulder pads restricted the arms movement at the elbow joint. Hence, it is stuck at “I can do it” pose.

Would I recommend this kit?

The Victory 2 Gundam is another iconic design, and I do not dislike it.

I enjoyed painting and building this kit. Colour separation at most parts are good, hence there are lots of options.

This kit is purely good for display, and it looks good on my shelf.