HG MS-06F-2 ZakuIIF2

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If the RX-78 is the grand father of all Gundams then in my humble opinion the Zaku 2 is the Grand Uncle.

Why the “Uncle”? It is just because the further design development of the Zeon mobile suits each has its own distinctive profile and features (apart from the mono-eye and pipes). It is difficult to pin point a definitive feature, unlike the RX-78’s chin, V fin etc.

I think Bandai’s has developed lots of different Zaku 2 version as time goes by and with modern joints connections articulation. The Origin version started with the Zaku 1 and 2 are the far best in parts separation and joint “upgrades”.

But why did I buy this version instead?

This version has a slightly squashed head, which kind of gave this Zaku 2 a lost and uncertain look on its face when you view it from a certain angle.

Also this is the only kit that comes with a head unit with additional armour details moulded on.

This particular kit comes with 3 head options, the one in the middle has additional armour details moulded on.

This kit also comes with lots of weapons. I painted my Zaku 2 to jungle green because this is my first HG Zaku 2 in my collection and I think it has to be “Green”!

But thigh articulation is not great and I have scratched the paint between the front skirt and thigh surface several times while posing. Bandai knew about this and has improved the articulation in the Origin version with a mid thigh swivel.

Would I recommend this kit?

Definitely YES! If you want a unique Zaku 2 over the rest of the Bandai release you need get this.

I love this Zaku 2, and I plan to get another and paint it as the EFSF colour.