HG WD-M01 (Turn) A Gundam

I do not understand the anime and I do not like the backstory, but it is creative writing that kind of hook on me. Also the gundam face is so unique that I almost bought a Honda Civic because the front of the car almost looks like ‘Turn’ A.

Parts and colour separation is adequate. But I would prefer the chest ports to be moulded in different parts so that I can be more creative.

It is a easy build, and Bandai added a leg shin movement joint which helps with some dynamic poses.

I am not able to create the famous laundry line sitting pose if you are wondering.

The “crotch” fighter is docked between the legs. It is a weeny bit strange design for me. I think Bandai dripped on us with this design.

I went for a old metallic silver scheme, and I actually quite like how it turns out. I just don’t think a clean white mobile suit work with this design.

‘Turn’ A also comes with a big goofy beam rifle which I don’t really cared for, hence I only pose my kit with a beam sabre.

The metal fins behind the legs is an interesting design. I wished Bandai had repeated the design elsewhere.

Would I recommend this kit?

I would get one just to complete my collection of unique and iconic gundam design.

It is probably one of those suits that I would have kept for a rainy day build and when the sun comes out, it can be used a laundry line, enuff said.