Bandai 1/144 30MM eEXM-17 Alto

When I saw the Alto in green, I was thinking of Master Chief in Halo.

To be honest, these kits although comes in various colour; if you are painting it, it doesn’t really matter which base colour version you ended up with.

Check out ZakuAurelius Youtube channel for his Alto review. I enjoyed his no fuss and factual review.

Parts separation are usually good on 30MM kits. This series gives you almost limitless customisation options.

I didn’t really do much tweak but changed the visor colour to gold, and I think it does looks close enough to be John-117. The hand pistol was from a gunpla weapon pack.

30MM kits have great articulation and they are designed to be played like an ‘Action Figure’ as compared to the Gunpla models.

I believe Bandai would love you to buy lots of different 30MM kits and have a box of parts like ‘lego’ such that you can create and build whatever you can think of.

With regards to my Alto, I am happy with what I did, but I won’t go all the way to say I enjoyed it. There isn’t much of a backstory for me to chew onto. Unlike Gundam series, after watching and growing up with you developed a understanding and form a bond with the design. 30MM at the moment does have that for me.

I dare say I would happily rather buy and build another Tristan over a 30MM is enuff said.

Would I recommend this?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with this kit or series. I am happy with my playful re-imagination of Master Chief.

But that is about it. I do not see myself creating a squad of Spartans unless the retail cost of these kits is worthwhile.

At the moment, they are almost similar in price to a Gundam HG kits, and depends on which 30MM variant it may be more expensive. Thus, I would rather purchase a random HG gunpla kit over a 30MM.