HG MS-14Fs ‘Gelgoog Marine’

I do have mixed feeling about Gelgoog design. I do like a angular upper torso bit, but from the chest down it just has too much curves.

But after seeing this in action in ‘Star Dust Memories’ I am really inspired by the design and preferred this over the anime’s GP01.

To be honest, what attracted me to a Gelgoog is that they are always equipped with a long beam machine gun.

Anyway, it is not easy to find a HG Gelgoog on ebay or Amazon at a reasonable price. Hence, I was quite lucky to come across this.

I wasn’t too keen on the magenta and mustard colour and decided to pay homage to the grunts’ grey and green colours.

The kit also has huge blocky joints which restricted the articulation. I struggled to pose and every time I tried to move the limbs fearing that I will break something.

But because the movement is so limited, I have not successfully get it to do any action pose.

Would I recommend this kit?

It is a mixed feeling. The kit is relatively old hence the joint design are quite poor.

Articulations are not great either. I struggled to pose this kit without worrying that I might scratch the paint.

I believe this kit it better off displayed on a stand in a dynamic flying mode but this kit do not have the modern hard-point for a display stand; saying that there are adapters available.