Bandai 1/144 HG RGM-89BM Jegan Blast Master [Yukki’s Mobile Suit] (Heavyarms Custom)

The RGM-89BM Jegan Blast Master is featured as a support/attacker Mobile Suit in the Gundam Build Divers series. It is based on the RGM-89 Jegan, and it is built and piloted by Yukio Hidaka (Yukki).

In the Gundam Build Divers series, Yukki previously piloted a RGM-86RBM GM3 Beam Master as a long distance support; but as the series progressed, Yukki’s best friend, Riku slowly improved and hence Yukki decided not to be left behind and wanted to fight along Riku hence developed a new Mobile Suit.

Equipped with high firepower equipment from various Gundam anime series, it is customized so that it could attack with maximum power from all ranges. Though it has extraordinary firepower, its energy consumption is much larger than usual Gunpla and requires delicate energy management during battles, thus making it fit for advanced users.

The change in the name of Yukki’s Gunpla from Beam Master to Blast Master expresses the distinct evolution of his battle style. Unlike the GM 3 Beam Master, which focused on supporting frontline attackers from the back, the Jegan Blast Master is capable of supporting the attackers while becoming an attacker itself depending on the situation.

I do like the Build Divers series kit, especially where some of the kits are basically a kit-bash/costumed design. The Beam Master is basically a GM3 “Kai” with a new RGM head unit, which I have bought 2 kits and customised one to look like a Heavy-Gun from the F91 series, and the other into a kitted out GM 3 with quadruple shields inspired from the Thunderbolt series.


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The High Grade RGM-89BM Jegan Blast Master is a Bandai 1/144 scale kit released in early-September 2018. Although it is released in 2018, the kit is based on the HG Jegan which is released 9 years ago in August 2009. The Blast Master kit however uses some newer parts such as the torso, shoulders, Back pack, side skirts and a new head unit. It is basically a kit-bash of the HG Jegan to make it a Yukki’s custom.

The retail price for this kit is about ¥2,000 which is although more expensive than the HG RGM-89 Jegan at ¥1,350; you are getting a lot more plastic for your “buck” with the Blast Master. Saying that the HG Jegan kit is a not bad kit for HG scale also there is no other “revive” version of the HG Jegan, hence buying a Blaster Master is like getting a “Kai” version of the Jegan.

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With that in mind, that is exactly what I did. I repainted the dark orange Blast Master into an Oliver Green/brown military livery to give it the frontline vide of the trusty workhorse of the Federation Forces Jegan.

I have also removed all the beam weaponry of the Blast Master and gave it 6 Gatling guns, which is strongly inspired by Heavy Arms and the Matrix movie. If you have a name like the Blast Master, you got to start blasting away things so more barrels the better I say!

Bandai 1/144 HG Jegan Blast Master (Yukki’s Mobile Suit)

The Jegan or the Beam Master is from the Char’s Counter Attack era, where most of the Mobile Suit as usually taller and bigger than the early Universal Century Mobile Suit such as the Origin RX-78-2.