Bandai 1/144 HG Lightning Z Gundam (Yuuma Kousaka’s Mobile Suit)


Painting gunpla is not easy and the cost of paints are getting more expensive during locakdown because most of the hobby local hobby shops are either closed or shut down. I buy paints from online re-sellers now and the postage sometimes are more expensive that the paint itself. So if you are inspired by my work please consider supporting me.


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The Lightning Zeta Gundam has been on my “wish List” for a very long time. I just couldn’t find it in stock on many of my regular gunpla website until I found it on Galactictoys.
The Lightning is a head taller than a normal HG and it is a relatively wide and large kit. Please take a look at my other projects to support my site.
I don’t really have any other Zeta UC kit but the Delta Plus was a modern version of the Zeta Gundam.
If you can only choose one Zeta, I would recommend this kit. Even though this is a Build Fighter and not the original design, I preferred this design because it has exposed piston on the waist, arms and legs. It is almost like it is inspired from IBO design.
The only Zeta UC mobile suit I have on the shelf is the Gundam MK 2. This is the mobile suit Kamille Bidan initially “stolen” and piloted and then subsequently the Zeta.
I really like the design and assembly process. I am glad I have finally bought this.