HG RX-78 NT-1 ‘Gundam NT1’

NT-1 or otherwise refer to as “Alex” is one of my favourite mobile suit design. The straight angular lines gave the impression that it has been designed by an engineer.

This kit is relatively old and is produced by Bandai in 2004. But to give it credit, kits at that era in my opinion are mainly designed to be posed and not played with like a action figure.

The kit also comes with it’s Chobam Armour. It is like 2 kit in one. But to display it armour it is better to have 2!

Just to note that once the Chobam Armour is installed, it is basically not possible for the hands to hold the beam rifle and shield.

The rifle has quite a long butt stock, this might be a problem if the mobile suit forearm is too short to allow the rifle to sit in the hand properly.

There are lot of things I liked about this kit, the gatling guns, the beam rifle and the shield. But I struggled to use the shield because I am not sure how to utilise it with my current preferred posed.

As said, this kit is designed and made in 2004, so the assembly is slightly out-dated and shoulder joints should have been given much more thoughts by Bandai.

Saying that, I had not have any issues in assembling this kit, but I had broken my Tristan shoulder which shared the same design as the Alex.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes and Yes! I like it so much that I have 2 of this kit. One is in its Chobam Armour and one showing off its gatling guns.

The nice things of having 2 of this kit is that I have lots of spare shields, beam rifles and gatling guns for kit bashing.

Funny enough, I also have 2 Tristan, which is basically an “up-dated” Alex, and Tristan also comes with Alex’s rifle and shield. So now I have lots of spare parts to use for other Mobile Suits.