HG MSN-06S-2 Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.)


In my humble opinion, I think the Sinanju was a much better design that the Unicorn Gundam. Especially the sleeves, no other UC MS have such intricate designs. I preferred the Stein version over the Red, but if the Red does becomes available online on a sensible price I might consider it.


I bought this kit from www.travellingman.com. They are a friendly bunch and I am pleasantly surprised that they sell gunpla kits in a medieval city, I also bought my Unicorn Gundam from them.

This kits comes with 10 pages of instructions, which is 2 pages more than the normal HG which means more parts and more complex assembly.

The parts and colour separation is great, as you can see I have gone for a silver metallic finish, and used bronze bring out some of the details.

Articulation is not bad, but due to the big shoulders, I tend not to move the arms with fear that I will scratch the paint.

The beam rifle is a nice bonus, you can combined it with the bazooka to make it into an oversized cannon.

The sleeves are tricky to paint. I have to do a reserve wash which I painted the whole parts in silver and then use a heavily thinned black to fill (wash) in the recess evenly. The “wash” is repeated a few times to cover out the silver below.

Alternatively, you could use the stickers provided.


YES! This is a giant of a HG kit. It has comes with plenty of accessories, good parts and colour separation and unique design.

But if you are to only get one Sinanju, I would probably get the Red version, as the beam sabres effect are much more “expressive!”

For me, I prefer the standard off the mill design.