HG Gundam Astaroth Rinascimento

The Rinascimento is an asymmetrical mobile suit from Iron Blooded Orphan lore. The backstory is that the suit is put together with a mixture of different junk parts left.

I am intrigued by the kit because I like to customise my own kits so that they are uniquely my own design.

Thus I thought Rinascimento will be quite a fun kit to put together 2 years ago.

But no, it is so confusing through out the build process, it was like building 4 kits at the same time.

The confusing bit is not the assembly, but it is me trying to plan the colours so that each its looks different but not too different if not it looks like a botched job! It is basically me over thinking and second guessing at every step!

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I mixed and matched the shoulders and legs and whatever to make it look like a scrap-yard build, I have pieces everywhere in different boxes trying to colour coordinate but yet separated. It just ended up all over the place.
I also tried doing a candy red coat which failed because I can’t get the Tamiya red clear to thin correctly for painting, hence I have to redo the reds.

Oh! the Rinascimento above is shown standing next to his “brother” Gundam Astroth “Akimo” Lupus.

The blue parts are primed with a silver to give it a metallic finish finish but it just did not come up correctly on how I planned.
I left the backpack out to expose the inner frame to give it the skeletal zombie look. In a way, it works because the ball joints on the IBO kits are relatively renown to be loose and the torso kept slouching over time.
But hey-oh! I aimed for this to be a mess, and I did ended up with a “completed” mess. So at least I get what I aimed for.
The Rinascimento is standing nest to Barbatos just for comparison to show how messed up he is compared to a normal mobile suit.