HG Sengoku Astray Gundam

I have not been a fan of the Astray design but after watching Build Divers on Gundaminfo on Youtube, I am starting to see the numerous variants and possible customisation one can do to their Gunpla.

I dreamt of building a Musha Gundam, but I am not keen of building a MG because the build process is quite lengthy and complicated for my liking.

Hence this is where the Sengoku Astray comes in. If the painting goes well, I should be ale to aim for a red samurai look.

I am not going to lie, painting this is hard work. I have to plan the colour process, mask and peel and coat etc, but I ended up with paint bleeds and paint peeling due to masking. Finally, I gave in and just live with my errors.

The kit itself is not too complex, there are adequate colour separation but masking and painting in stages will be recommended if you want to bring out the gold highlights of a Musha. The instructions are all in Japanese but pictorially it is self explanatory.

In the end, I am overall quite happy with the build and paint job. I think I did try to achieve the vision I had in mind.

The only thing I would change was probably not to pain the face plate black, I would probably give it a right colour to give contrast to a very dark face over shadowed by the fins.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes! I like the uniqueness re-imagination of the Astray Gundam. The painting process is a good challenge if you want to bring out the different colour schemes.

The samurai design stands out from my other collection as well, as it moves away from the mechanical shapes of other mobile suit.

Please check out armourofgod.co.uk, I bought this kit from them!