Bandai 1/144 HG RX-79 [G] Gundam The Ground War Set


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To be honest, I do not need another Ground Gundam, but this is going for £10 on ebay, so it is a no brainer.

Since I have a RX-79(G) on the shelf, I decided to make this into a RGM-79(G) instead.

Technically it is possible in the anime to use a RGM head to replace a damaged Gundam head. So I took it a step further to paint it in RGM colour.

I do like how the colour turned out. I also gave it a standard UC shield since I have no need for 2 similar mobile suit carrying the same type of shield.

Would I recommend this kit?

This war set is basically the same as the RX-79(G) kit but with lots of other stuff such as vehicles and little figures.

I have not bothered assembling them yet, and was hoping to save them with a rainy day project.

The nice thing is the kit gave me an option to create a RGM-79(G) look alike, so it is actually a bonus.

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