HG RX-78AN-01 Gundam AN-01 Tristan

At first, I was skeptical about getting this kit because there are several reviewers giving it bad ratings on YouTube.

But this kit was relatively cheap on Amazon and I actually quite like the menacing look which is different for a Gundam type mobile suit.

The kit is relatively easy to assemble. Although it is manufactured by Bandai in 2017, it uses a 2004 Alex mould.

Which means it has similar assembly instructions and physicaly shared parts with Alex.

One thing I like about this kit is that it uses the same Beam rifle as RX-93 VGundam, which in my opinion is one of the best looking rifle in the HG scale.

This kit comes with Alex’s shield, which again in my humble opinion is a very nice shield to be used for kit bashing.

I am not a fan of Tristan’s shield design, also the shield uses sticker for the panel at the bottom. This makes paint masking difficult hence I did not bother with it.

As the story goes, Tristan is reported to share parts salvaged from other gundams. The backpack is supposedly repurposed from a Gundam MK2.

One disappointment that I have is although the instruction says that Tristan is equipped with Alex”s style gatling guns, these are hidden under the forearm armour.

The kit although does comes with Alex’s gatling guns, I tried to kit bash them in, but sadly it did not show up right hence I abandoned the idea.

The reviewers were not lying, my Tristan shoulder broke off due to weak plastic and poor joint design.

This kit is now stored in some box waiting to be used as spares.

Will I recommend this kit?

Despite the warning on the wall, YES!

I like the serious look of this mobile suit. The body profile has this V shape chiseled mid section, which gives this mobile suit “don’t mess with me attitude”.

I liked it so much that I bought 2 of this kit. I tried to paint the other in the Titians colour, but unfortunately the shoulder broke off hence it is now salvaged as a kit bash for other kits.