HG “Pinkinstein” (Vidar + Kamaris + Astaroth + Gusion Rebake)

This crazy idea started when I realised I have a spare head from my Gusion Rebake Full City kit https://itisagunpla.com/hg-gundam-gusion-rebake-full-city/.

The narrow head is quite unique hence I kind of not wanting it to go to waste. At that time I also bought 2nd hand Vidar and Kamaris kit from eBay.

The kits are already built and are not in good condition but I bought it mainly for the parts for kit bash.

I also looked through some of my old boxes and found that my Astaroth has a spare torso!

And when you smash all 4 kits together, you get a “Pinkinstein”! Head of a Gusion, body of a Astaroth, arms of Kamaris, and legs of Vidar. I added the twin gatling guns to pay homage to the owner of “pink” Flauros, Norba Shino

The 2nd hand parts parts are loose and weak. But from experience, this can be easily fixed if I painted the joints, this will help tightened up the connections when assembled.

I wasn’t planning to make this a big deal, thinking the it is mostly spare parts (following in the same story line of IBO). Thus I just thought a single pink theme will be easy. At the end I added some grey parts to bring out the colour.

Initially, I was 2 mind about the pink scheme, so I thought I will sleep over it. The next day under the natural light I was surprised it looks actually quite nice and it is a nice contrast over the rest of my whitish/blue gundams collection.

I was pleasantly surprise that the kit comes together quite well and doesn’t really look odd.

It stands out being pink with the rest of my collection and I am loving it.

This also reminds me of a Wanzer from Front Mission.

I really enjoyed this creative build. There are times during the build I was quite uncertain how this will end up.

But I guess it is a bit of a blind faith, but I am happy how it turns out.

I am really encouraged to try out different colours and kits and be creative in my builds.