Bandai 1/144 HG Me02R-F01 Messer Type-F01

The Me02R-F01 Messer Type-F01 is a mobile suit that is featured in the move “Hathaway Flash”. This mobile suit is used by Hathaway Noa’s Mafty group and it is specialised in guerrilla warfare.

The Me02R-F01 Messer Type-F01 is developed by Anaheim Electronics and was based on former Neo Zeon Mobile Suits such as the AMS-119 Geara Doga and MSN-04 Sazabi.

Which borrow several physical features from its predecessors such as rounded armour parts, mono-eye, and shoulder armours with spikes, but this is also thought to be a result of AE’s intention to hide their involvement with Mafty.

However, structural features such as the air intakes on the chest, which were usually features of Earth Federation Forces mobile suits, were seen on the units. The Mobile Suits were 23 meters tall and were heavily applied with armour, but were able to gain high manoeuvrability and mobility due to the main thrusters on the back and sub thrusters placed on the legs and hip.

I bought this kit from Ching To and Friends back in July 2021 for £28.99. This is a relatively new 1/144 HG kit from Bandai, and it was released in early July 2020 for about ¥2,250. Comparing to other HG kits, the Messer is relatively more expensive for example the Grand-daddy HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam (Revive) which is about ¥1,000. Check out his Facebook Group or take a look at his website.

I have also started a poll on Facebook which I asked the UK Gunpla group to vote on which kit I should be working on next? I gave them a choice between the Messer and Gustav Karl, and the Messer won.

The above is a side-by-side comparison to some of my other completed projects; the Jegan although is considered an old mobile suit when it is featured in the movie “Hathaway Flash” and by the size comparison, the Jegan will not stand a chance with the much bigger and beefier Messer.

Bandai 1/144 HG Me02R-F01 Messer Type-F01

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Now comparing to the Sinanju, it was actually quite a big mobile suit when we get to the Unicorn era, but it is still slightly smaller when compared to the Messer. The Grand-dad RX-78-2 (Origin Ver.) is one of the first mobile suits that started with the UC era is just half the size of the Messer.

And finally the Jagd Doga which is also considered one of the predecessor of the Messer since it was also developed from the Geara Doga, looks just slightly smaller even though the Jagd Doga is considered as massive mobile suit next to the Sazabi.

But to be honest the Messer is a “Beast” compared to other HG scaled kits. I would have thought that this kit could have been an easy is a RE 1/100 scaled kit. Thus due to the size of the Messer you basically receive more plastic for your cash.

Not only that this kit is “BIG”, the parts separation is one of the best for the HG release, which means I can easily customise my colours a lot easier and usually without the need to mask.

Right here, we have the original Geara Doga which the Messer was developed from and you can see some of the similarities and I do like the Geara Doga design but I have to say the Messer is a very good “modernisation” since the Sazabi.

I can’t end the size comparison without showing off the Zaku 2 (Origin Ver.), I am just plainly going to say I am not going to go against a Messer with a Zaku 2 or even with a RX-78.

The bigger surface area also means I am able to control my airbrush shading a more better just like a MG kit.

I really like the design of the Messer, it kinds of remind me of improved version of the Gerbera Tetra from Stardust Memories. The only disappointment in terms of what came as a kit is that it doesn’t comes with more accessories such as weapons; basically it is just a beam rifle, beam saber, and a shield.

The beam rifle could have been better separated instead of a 2 plastic sandwich together; not that I am upset about it, but because the beam rifle has a few details which requires colour separation hence I thought Bandai should have just moulded it separately to help.

Articulation is typical of a modern HG kit; double jointed elbows and knees, there are also lots of gimmick such as moveable torso, front and back skirts, back thrusters moves up and down etc. And all these are possible without polycaps.

Atlas, the head unit has limited rotation which is uncanny similar to the HG Gerbera Tetra. Using the same timeline I kit-bashed this kit with the bazooka from a MG 1/100 GP02, I was really worried that the 1/100 scale gigantic bazooka as it is already may be too big for the Messer, but due to the fact that the Messer is such a huge mobile suit compared to the other UC mobile suit, the 1/100 scale bazooka looks just right.

That said, the main thing about this kit is that I was moved by the loss and suffering of the Ukrainians when Russia decided to invade Ukraine. In order to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainians I have painted the Messer livery in Ukrainian flag colour.

I have also added a symbol of peace on the spiked shoulder, and finished my kit with lots of heavy weathering to symbolise the effort the normal citizens of Ukraine has to go through to defend their own county.

Messer, as discussed previously is a mobile suit specialised in urban guerrilla warfare, and this is the lives many Ukrainians have to live through where the fighting is often seem on the streets or round the corner where they used to live.

Bandai 1/144 HG Me02R-F01 Messer Type-F01