HG MS-05 Zaku 1

There are a few Zaku 1 in HG, but I have to say the more recent Origin version is one of the best “revive” version of this kit!

This version has a body profile which is less blocky and does not have the 80’s square robot image. The round shoulder looks more like a “beefed” up mobile suit.

I have a vision of creating Ramba Ral version in his classic blue when I bought this kit.

I grew up disliking the Gouf design and hence I do not have a Gouf on my collection list, hence I thought since in the Origin anime Ramba is instrumental in developing the Zaku, it is fitting to do one in his honour.

The Gouf comes equipped with a gatling gun, so to give this Ramba inspired Zaku more credence I used Bandai Giant Gatling pack. This is from the Build Fighters Support Weapon Range. It comes with a pistol grip that allows this weapon to be used on a 1/144 or 1/100 kits.

The Origin kit I dare say is one of the better detailed recent HG kits. The parts are redesigned and remoulded.

I really enjoy putting this kit together, and this parts used on Kaku 1 is also possible to be used on their Zaku 2 variants. Lots of kit bash customisation options!

The parts and colour separation on this kit is great and I have a blast painting this.

Also this very Zaku 1 kit coes with several weapons such as the sniper rifle, bazooka etc. Thus you are getting a lot more value for money in exchange for more plastics.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, I am happy to get several of this kits because of the parts can be shared with other Origin Zaku 1 and 2 kits, and I have done a few customisations already.

Also if you are getting a Zaku, you can’t just get one you need at least 9! because they do have 9 lives and they keep coming back!

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