HG RX-78-2 Gundam (Revive)

The grandfather of all Gundam design. This is one of my early purchase in 2017 when I started gunpla again.

I bought the revive version. I was pleasantly surprise that it has good colour and parts separation for quite an oldish design.

There are lots of re-imagination out there now, but you will not appreciate the G40 version if you have not at least have a original RX-78 design.

Articulation for this kit is good. I really enjoyed putting this kit together. At this stage, I was still getting used to air-brushing, and white is such a unforgiving colour to mess up with.

I decided to go for a very muted colour because I wanted to present it as a well used model. I am also not too keen to make it look brand new and too cartoony.

This kit is now the benchmark from every kit I build. There are some modern kits that I think wow! Bandai has really put more thoughts into the design such as the IBO kits.

But then you have UC kits like the Tristan which is shocking bad in terms of parts separation and joint connection.

This is so classic iconic design. Although he is surround by many other mobile suits on the shelf, RX-78 always changes my eyes and reminded me that it all starts when someone shouted “`It is a Gundammm!”

Would I recommend this kit?

If you have not purchased a Rx-78 origin, then yes please get this revive version of RX-78.

I don’t think you can say you are into gunpla and not at least have one RX-78. Maybe you do not like it’s blocky out-dated profile.

But trust me, at one point in your collection when you have nothing on your work bench, you will be drawn into the gaze of a RX-78 and say “I want a Gundamm!”