Bandai /1/44 HG MS-06C Zaku 2 Type C/C-5

Although the are many different variant of Zaku 2 throughout the Universal Century, this MS-06C-5 Zaku 2 Type C-5 is particularly featured in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin anime.

This variant is an upgraded version of the earlier space use Zaku 2 Type C, the Zaku 2 Type C-5 is usable in both space and earth, and also has a different cockpit. The suit also has a new optional forearm armament, the Twin Machine Gun, mainly for use against battleships and combat vehicles.

Bandai /1/44 HG MS-06C Zaku 2 Type C/C-5

This is my collection of Zaku 2 army; please check them out starting from Char’s Zaku 2, RG Zaku 2, Zaku 2 FZ, Zaku 2 F2, Black Tri Star Zaku 2 High Mobility (UC), Thunderbolt inspired Zaku 2 High Mobility (Origin).

The High Grade MS-06C-5 Zaku 2 Type C-5 is a Bandai 1/144 scale kit released in early Sep 2017. It is relatively new kit and the kits from origin storyline are produced using new moulding. It still uses polycaps, but it has a lot more articulation to allow more dynamic posing when compared to the older HG versions.

This is a side to side comparsion to the different variant of the Zaku units as part of the Origin lineup. Please check my Ramba Zaku 1, and Thunderbolt inspired Zaku 2 High Mobility.


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Articulation uses double elbows and improved hip joints. The front skirt still scratches the paint on of the front tight slightly but I guess Bandai knew about it and provided a rubber skirt in their latest Zaku 2 kit. This is my side to side comparison to my Char’s Zaku 2.

The retail price for this kit is about ¥1,620 which in my humble opinion is relatively cheap  when compared to the Grand-daddy HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam (Revive) is ¥1,000; especially the Origin Zaku 2 kit has a lot more surface details for panel lining, and comes with lots of parts options and a unique belt feed machine gun.

The parts separation (in my humble opinion) is also one of the best in HG Zaku class. I am able to paint most of the parts separately and in different colours so if I choose. Masking is also minimal since most to the parts where colour separation are required are already separated.

To be honest, I did not do much modification to this kit because the kit comes with lots of parts options such as different torso details and backpack hence it is easily a unique kit once I finished with it. The few extra bits were that I added metal etching details to the joints and shoulder, and the eyes are plastic jewel bead.

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Bandai /1/44 HG MS-06C Zaku 2 Type C/C-5