HG RX-78 GP03S

This is one rare kit. By chance I saw it online and bought it.

In the anime, GP03 was piloting this huge flying weapon, and once that came up I lost interested.

This is the worst kit in among all my other GP0x. The mid section is connected using a ball joint and it rattles.

The additional hands are a gimmick and yes it works, but I just never use it.

The waist thrusters are huge and in consequence added a lot of movement restriction to the kit.

Colour separation are the worst of the lot, although on the main body I am able to paint without much problem, the waist thrusters need masking if not it looks too white.

My masking failed hence it is all white at the moment. Sigh!

I know I have lots of negative to say about this, but if you know your kits, HG GP03 is at least still better than the Tristan; enuff said.

Would I recommend this kit?

Details and panel lining are good but that is it.

Honestly if you don’t need this, stay away from this HG. If Bandai ever make a RG, get that instead of this, because it would be a much better improvement.

I only got this because I wanted to finish the family reunion. Otherwise it can be considered a distance relative.