HG EB-06 Graze Standard and Commander Type

I always wanted a Graze but I just couldn’t seem to find one available. By chance I bought a box of 2nd hand kits from eBay just to kit bash, and hey-oh there is a “beat-up” Graze inside.

The Graze is not in good condition (possibly beaten up by Barbatos inside the box), the ankle and skirt armours are missing. I have replaced the skirt armour with spares, but I can’t replace the ankle armour because the peg that holds the armour has been removed by the previous owner.

It also does not comes with a rifle, backpack etc and these does not bothers me as I am happy to kit bash.

I gave the Graze a Long Range Rifle from Vidar, and Forearm Shields from Reginlaze to complete my design.

Disclaimer: I am informed that mine blog http://www.itisagunpla.com could potentially be mistaken to be linked to a Youtube channel ItsAGunpla. This blog is not affiliated or claimed to be linked to the Youtube channel. If you like proper advise and resources please visit ItsAGunpla Youtube channel (its in the spelling). I really enjoyed his work, but if you just some watered down personal opinion please continue reading this tongue in cheek blog.

In IBO lore, the Graze designed is “based” on the Grimgerde, and this standard design go on to develop the Schwalbe Graze and upgraded to become Reginlaze. Please check out my other projects if you are interested.
One of the gimmick of this kit is that the head unit can by open to expose long range sensor. I have used a red jewel bead sticker as sensor scope for the rifle.