HG MBF-02+P202QX Strike Rouge IWSP (Part 2)

I bought my Strike Rouge from Armourofgod without the IWSP. Please see my original Strike Rough page for the original built.

I came across this “Integrated Weapons Striker Pack (IWSP)” as an add on accessory on ebay. Hence I thought why not?

But if you have a chance to buy the Strike Rogue with IWSP please do so instead of doing what I did.

This is the pack on it own. Looks “okish” when completed.
The plastic edges are slightly wonky and the worst areas are around the gatling gun barrels. A bit of sanding will help, but I can’t be bothered. Saying that the plastic is actually quite good, it is solid and doesn’t flex. This is especially critical when you are trying to airbrush the wings, and you do not want the wings to flap while painting.
To be fair, once painted and glued together and attached to the Strike Rogue, everything looks ok from a distance. Yes, my stress levels did go up while glueing and putting this together but once done I am actually quite please with it.
Will I buy this again for another Strike? Well yes, the sword that comes with it is a nice design and because it is a static backpack, once attached it is just for display, hence I am not too bothered about the “poor” quality fittings.