HG RX-78-2 ‘Gundam’

This kit was made by Bandai in 2001. I bought this kit because I wanted the core-fighter and this is the only HG kit that comes with it.

I was initially not intending to put the RX-78 together since I have lots of Grand-daddy already and I struggle to come up with a unique colour scheme.

I painted my with Psycho Gundam in mind but ended up looking more like Negan from “The Walking Dead”! Thus I present to you my customised RX-78-Negan. It is equipped with “Origin” backpack, Alex’s rifle and Tristan’s shield. This my take on a early prototype version with ballistic weapons.
As said, the main reason for getting this kit was because of the Core-Fighter. I wanted to compete my “Operation V” project and all I am missing os the Core-Fighter that ties all the main 3 Federation suits together.