HG DOM R35 Mr Ral Mobile Suit

DOM R35 is part of the Build Diver series. It is piloted by Mr Ral, but I don’t recall seeing it much in action apart from the last episode of the anime.

Also I don’t believe Bandai has made a lot of HG Dom in particular. So if you wanted a modern or “revive” version of a HG Dom, I would recommend getting this version and paint it to your own customised colour scheme.

This version comes with a commander antenna, booster backpack and it looked like a beefed up ace unit.

Downside is that the weapons included in the pack is just some spiky shield which I did not care much for.

I was inspired by some old samurai grunt with a big sword, hence I gave my Dom the mace sword of my Barbatos Lupus. I think it actually looked well suited.
“Did you just bring a gun to a sword fight?”
I like the Domtropen, but the Dom R35 does looks better with the pipes, chest verniers, and better part separation for painting.
I like my Dom, and I think it still strikes fear to any GM who comes across it.