Bandai 1/144 HG RGM-89 Jegan

Bandai SD/CS MSN-04II Nightingale


Painting gunpla is not easy and the cost of paints are getting more expensive during locakdown because most of the hobby local hobby shops are either closed or shut down. I buy paints from online re-sellers now and the postage sometimes are more expensive that the paint itself. So if you are inspired by my work please consider supporting me.


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The Jegan has a soft spot in my heart. This kit is quite difficult to find especially online. Even if you can find it, the cost of this kit is often slightly higher compared to other HG kits.

Bought this on eBay for about £16 with free postage from overseas but looks like the seller is no longer contactable.

This kit is very simple, it only has 3 pages of instructions.

Colour separation is not great but the kit is mainly in greenish tint.

I have to use shading to bring up some of the highlights and panels.

My airbrush failed half way during the project and started spurting out black paint droplets on my shield.

Fortunately it actually looked interesting and hence I tried to repeat that on other places to give it some consistency.

Would I recommend this kit?

If you like a Jegan, I would say why not. There are not many HG Jegan kit out there. I think there is a P Bandai version of this but it just has more weapons and missile pack.

I like the greenish tint and it does look different when compared to my other cannon fodders in my collection.