HG RX-78 GP02A

This is a rare find, I almost gave up looking for this. I know there is a game version where it is equipped with missiles launchers at the back.

Or alternatively, Builder Divers GP-Rase-Two is based on this kit, but the head unit is an acquired taste.

Apart from it unique design and good parts separation for painting there is nothing much positive about this kit.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike it. It looks good “hoovering” on the shelf.

But that said, I can’t really do any poses with this because the articulation is really limited and restricted but the shoulder thrusters, flare legs etc.

Because of the flare “trousers” the kit stand with the legs wide apart, it just look awkward front on and unstable, hence I have to use a stand.

The shoulder thrusters does fan out side ways, but it is linked with plastic “piston” hence you kind of stress bend the slender plastics when you try to move them.

Would I recommend this kit?

As a collector I would. This kit is hard to find and since I am building a family of GP0x.

Now for the negative, bulky shoulder and joints makes this almost impossible to stand up straight on it own.

The shield and bazooka are huge and awkward to hold. I need to use bluetack to help keep them from rattling inside the hands.

But I have no regret as it sits nicely on the shelf with his brothers and “sister”.